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360 Studios tackles a "Paradox"

Paradox is a Co Production between Cornerstone features and 360 Studios. Principle Photography took place in The movie currently stars Adam Horner (The Perfect Summer, Rough Stuff) and Martin Copping (Zombie Hunter, Hawaii Five-O, Battle Ground). Offers are currently out to other names for the production. When time travel was perfected in the late 24th century, a paradox was discovered. All through history, time travelers had been manipulating the past to create their future.

All cadet Jade Wright ever wanted was to be a time agent; the mission to spy on the Matthews family was her chance. When she discovers that her information will lead to the death of the whole family, including the innocent daughter, Amelia. Jade betrays her own people, and goes on the run with the 17 year old. Jade is labelled a traitor, and she is pursued by time agents armed with the knowledge of the future. Jade and Amelia must find a way to bargain for their lives, or end up another casualty.

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