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As the music industry evolves it is important to target proper marketing techniques to create sustainable success for new talent. 360 Studios LTD recognizes that by blending fresh concepts with longstanding industry relationships we can easily create momentum for up and coming musicians. With a team that has over thirty years of music industry experience, 360 Studios LTD decided to create our music division, 360 Records. At 360 Records, we nurture and develop artists to work at their full potential, while providing them with a platform for exposure. For each artist or group, 360 Records will identify their specific marketing needs, provide press releases in trade magazines and publications, provide bookings at showcases and venues that will increase artists visibility, and develop the artist image. Using a cross promotional strategy with 360 Studios, we can immediately begin incorporating our talents music in our own television and film productions. By utilizing the legendary East West Studios, we will have access to top of the line equipment and key producers to assist each artist in the process of signing to a distinguished record label. At 360 Records, our artists and investors will enjoy long-term success.

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