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       Impossibly, two young children open up the doorway to Hell. Demons are conjured as a hellish entity is released into our world. Michael Levan, the Twilight Knight is summoned from his retreat in Tibet. Michael must close the threshold to Hell or darkness will overtake the world. Levan and his team encounter infernal creatures of darkness as they attempt to stop the hellish invasion. A mysterious priest holds the key...The fabled Book Of Doom, the holy grail of ancient tomes...Darklore is missing, and only IT can close the gateway to Hell and destroy the gathering evil! In a world now beset with invading demons, Michael is charged with making things right. Only by donning the cursed Right of the Fallen, can he arm himself with the powers of Hell. He swaps souls with a fallen angel. It is a grim battle against the forces of darkness. His immortal soul hangs in the balance. The final confrontation rages down into the bowels of Hell itself. In the end, only the pure of spirit can win the day. Unfortunately, the ring has corrupted Michael’s soul, yet he must succeed or we are all doomed. 

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