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       The Downside of Bliss is an exciting dramedy with a sexy present-day feel. Despite the evictions, the cancer and her daughter hating her, Bliss Derek, an upbeat, lighthearted woman, who’s deep desire is to find a home for her 9 year-old daughter Jessica, meets Doug, (Judd Nelson) and decides to reconnect with her father, Johnny Derek (Ron Pucillo) a run down alcoholic has-been Rockstar.

       Johnny ran away leaving Bliss with her grandmother when his wife died of a drug overdose. All the parties, drugs and women, supplied by his trusted friend Benny, (Eric Roberts) can’t bury the deep pain he feels. Little does he know his only salvation is where his guilt lies.

       Bliss, who of course is in a race against time to find her father, must mend their broken relationship and convert him from a womanizing deadbeat musician, to a decent, sober individual who qualifies to be the legal guardian for Jessica, before she loses her battle with cancer. And of course, the arduous struggle, without any help from anyone, Bliss, after 15 years of being alone, must deal with life itself - is it too late to save her child? Is it too late to save her own life? 

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