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       The cast and crew of the hit reality series Monster Team Alpha are investigating reports of odd occurrences near Objekt 23, an underground Cold War submarine base in the Ukraine. The show’s monsters are fake, its scares fabricated, and its hosts rapidly losing patience with each other. Reality television is big in Russia, and the military want the help of Monster Team Alpha. Something terrible lives inside Objekt 23, a radioactive parasite that spreads by taking over the flesh of the living. As night falls, the group is attacked by the parasite, killing the Russian commander and wreaking havoc on the dead. While investigating inside, there is a huge explosion which closes the entrance, trapping most of the troop within. As they delve deeper into the core of the base, they face off against creature after creature, who have overtaken Russian soldiers, turning them into horrific radioactive zombies. After fighting them with guns, rocket launchers and axes, it is with great relief that the monster is eventually killed by placing a grenade on its core, drowning it deep below the earth. 

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